~ Learn to move as nature intended ~


Movement Mentor is an empowering approach to learning to move more effortlessly.

Veteran teacher Glenna Batson will guide you towards a practical, customized program of mindful self-care in everyday living – in your home, at work, or on the go.

Glenna is certified in The Alexander Technique, with years of teaching adults in mind-body education that is grounded in human movement science and rehabilitation medicine.

Practical and tailored to your needs, Glenna will partner with you to solve your movement concerns. You’ll discover new paths to regaining a sense of movement ‘flow’ and effortless support.

Best of all, you can apply what you learn anywhere—in daily living and in your favorite skills and activities.

Live life to the full. Let Glenna inspire creative solutions to your movement concerns.

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AND...some noteworthy news about the benefits of Alexander Technique for knee osteoarthritis



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